November 16, 2022

DIY Wheel Stop Hack

Alternative Uses for Wheel stops

DIY Wheel Stop Hack

Australian Man uses Wheel Stops as a make-shift retaining wall.

We typically ask our customers to send in some photos, on jobs that are interesting for us so we can share them. Recently we had a new customer send through his ingenious backyard hack. His back yard has had extensive drainage work done on the property, but he had a constant challenge of pushing back the stones away from his surrounding drains. The backyard looked a bit messy from all the stones and they were also blocking the flow of water into the drain.

Pro Stop Wheel Stops and a bit of ingenuity Save the Day!

Our customer had the bright idea to install our Pro Stop wheel stops side by side, creating a barrier, which retains the gravel perfectly. As you can see, the end result is really tidy. It created a clean, straight line which looks fantastic alongside the work on the property he has already done. Our Pro-Stops are heavy duty and being plastic, they won't crack or crumble like rubber wheel stops do. This is a great example of thinking outside the box. Check out the photos below, we are extremely surprised and impressed with this great effort!

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