October 14, 2022

Sydney Mercedes Driver Car Pile up in Car Park

Westfield Australia Car Park Accident

Wesfield Hurstville Car Park Pile Up Crash

Hurstville Sydney Car Park Driver Crosses Boom Gate to Pile up on another car

So, here's some not-so-clear parking...

Taken by a quick thinking video uploader, a women came into the car park in Hurstville Sydney.  Two cars were heading out the boom gate.  This car went straight through the boomgate and right passed the other car.  This video taker didn’t get the actual moment of the Honda landing on top of the other parked vehicle, therefore arousing curiosity as to how this could actually happen!

Image courtesy of nine.com.au
Image courtesy of nine.com.au

Apparently the driver of the Honda Sedan, a 73 year old, confused the brake and the accelerator pedals and rather strangely ended up parked atop this luxury Mercedes which quite possibly didn’t impress the owner of the Mercedes.  One person was taken to hospital with minor injuries following the collision.

Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/7NEWSGoldCoast/videos/another-crash-in-bundalls-notorious-car-park/4386133278131458/

Everyone is out of line except me!

Did this driver forget to reverse or were they in too much of a hurry?  Who knows but he became the laughing stock of rowdy locals for his parking ability or inability!

Courtesy of Daily Mail

Only the back wheels are in the space outside the Bangor shopping centre in southern Sydney.  Should we give them credit for not wanting to open their door and possibly ding the car next to them?  Or just plain thoughtlessness 🙄

Here is the link - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10874593/Driver-roasted-bizarre-parking-attempt-shopping-centre-why.html

You can make up your own parking spots?

This driver was spotted parked outside a Bunnings store in Melbourne – right next toa spare carpark space.  This was captured in Cranbourne between Bunnings and Mexican restaurant Guzman y Gomez.

Image courtesy of news.com.au

This kind of driver needs new glasses or a passenger to inform them that this happens to be a roadway.  

One time a driver was following another when they stopped abruptly to park.  It took a few beeps on the horn before the driver realized it wasn’t a parking space.  There is always plenty of parking so why would you choose to stop right here?

Check out the info here:


The mind boggles. 🙃

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