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Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty

Rubber Wheel Chock for Cars and Trucks

Wheel Stops

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Why Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty?

Wheel Chocks are ideal as a temporary wheel stop for trailers and cars. Made from reinforced, 100% Recycled Rubber, Northpac's quality Wheel Chocks are great for commercial parking lots, loading and truck docking areas and for residential use. Northpac Supplies quality wheel chocks throughout Australia

100% Recycled Rubber
20 Ton Capacity
UV Resistant, to Resist Fading
12 Month Warranty24 Month Warranty
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Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty

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More about Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty:

Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks for Australian Roads

100% Recycled Rubber Wheel Chocks, Parking Bumpers, Parking Chocks, Kerb Stops, Car Stops, or whatever name you call them, they will help vehicles stop at the right location when parking.  Wheel chocks will prevent damage to buildings, kerbs, landscapes, sidewalks and footpaths and also prevent vehicles from pulling in too far or rolling in difficult parking places.  Lightweight wheel chocks are excellent choices for bumper cushions to prevent accidents or overrunning of vehicles at loading places and  warehouses.  They are excellent for correct stopping points between vehicles or buildings or steep areas like parking garages, parking lots, car park areas where the ground is steep or uneven and prevent obstruction in parking areas.

Extra Strong Wheel Chocks

100% recycled wheel chocks that are durable, long-lasting and reliable.  These rubber wheels are the perfect alternative to wood blocks or moulded in concrete stoppers, cost a great deal less to install, and do not require heavy lift equipment.   Concrete stops or chocks will suffer from cracking and other costly maintenance issues.  Heavy duty rubber wheel chocks are shaped or beveled to contour to the wheel which does not cause damage to tyres, unlike concrete wheel chocks that tend to bump the tyre and may cause tyre damage.

Key Features of Rubber Wheel Chocks

• High quality, 100% recycled rubber

• Perfect for permanent or temporary installations

• Very flexible to conform to any concrete or asphalt surface

• Provides excellent resistance from extreme temperatures, UV light, oils, damage and moisture.

• Will not crack, chip, rust, crumble or erode in any weather conditions.

• Easy maintenance, easy installation, and easy to move around.

• Come with a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s defects

• Weighs 3 kg

• Measures 190mm x 260mm x 160mm

• Has reflective yellow strips so can be easily seen

Reasons you should choose recycled Northpac wheel chocks:

Wheel chocks are installed in most large and small vehicle loading areas to help vehicles come to a halt and protect buildings, kerbs, sidewalks, and landscape from damage.  These products are known as wheel chocks, as well as car stops, parking kerbs, parking bumpers, parking blocks, tyre stoppers, and many other names.  Before recycled rubber wheel chocks were on the scene, concrete was the chosen product and material.  Since then, they have been replaced with materials that are more durable and are environmentally friendly including recycled rubber wheel chocks.

Do these wheel chocks work for car park areas and loading docks?

Yes, wheel chocks work for parking lots, parking garages, factories and warehouses or any inclines were there is a danger of vehicles rolling back or intruding on other parking spaces.   They can be used as a car stop, a kerb or a bumper cushion outside a factory or warehouse.  They help provide proper stopping  spots and vehicle distancing.  Ideal in loading areas and any commercial parking lots as a safe and durable option for keeping heavy vehicles at a safe distance from our smaller vehicles and steep areas.

How do you install Wheel Chocks?

Rubber wheel chocks can be used on either asphalt, concrete or any area that is steep or inclined to have a danger of vehicles rolling or sliding back.  They are strong and steady on the ground to hold the vehicle still.

Concrete Wheel Chocks vs Recycled Rubber Wheel Chocks – What’s the difference?

Northpac 100% recycled rubber wheel chocks are durable wheel chocks and won’t crack or chip like concrete.  Rubber wheel chocks have a more aesthetic and professional look with reflective strips to be more visible in the car park or dock area.

Why are Wheel Chocks Important?

Wheel chocks are placed in parking lots to prevent vehicles from rolling or sliding in steep areas or uneven ground or any slippery area.  By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, they keep drivers from pulling in too far into restricted spaces or attempting other risky vehicle actions.

When you are creating or renovating the parking area on your commercial property, the layout must provide your customers and employees with an optimal parking experience.  There are many factors that go into a safe and efficient parking area, such as well-marked parking areas and safety signs.  However, many property managers don’t fully understand the importance of wheel chocks as they are an important health and safety item where there are heavy vehicles or even cars that may cause intrusion on areas where pedestrians are if the vehicle starts to move unexpectedly.

Do Wheel Chocks need to be painted?

Concrete parking blocks are extremely heavy and often need to be painted.  Not only does this make concrete or wooden parking blocks very expensive, it also makes the product difficult to transport and install.  You will need to seek professional advice or labour to avoid injuring yourself.  The rubber wheel chocks have reflective yellow lines so are easy to spot and can be manually placed behind wheels at the correct angle.

How is a Wheel Stop different to a Wheel Chock?

Wheel chocks are used for safety and accident prevention.  Chocking, also known as blocking, is done to prevent trucks and trailers from unintentionally moving, like rolling or overturning, while workers are loading, unloading, hitching, unhitching or servicing the vehicle.

What is the difference between Rubber, Concrete blocks and Plastic Wheel Chocks?

Northpac 100% recycled rubber wheel chocks are by far the most economical and safe option for modern day wheel chocks.  The rubber wheel chocks are flexible in that they can be manually placed behind the wheel on any surface if it is slightly uneven without warping or cracking, and they do not bend and are a more rigid wheel chock which keeps their shape in all weather conditions.  

What are the Pros and Cons of using 100% Recycled Rubber Wheel Chocks?

These Wheel Chocks are flexible enough to contour to the concrete or asphalt surface but not bendy like the cheaper versions which tend to crack, warp or rot.  The rubber wheel chocks are lightweight yet strong and easily placed behind wheels or parked vehicles wherever needed.