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Find effective speed humps for traffic calming and safety, our range of sustainable solutions designed to increase road safety and control vehicle speeds.

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Do you require the permanent security of top-notch construction bollards or the adaptability of removable bollards? At Northpac, we've got you covered. Our heavy-duty steel bollards are built to endure anything you throw at them, from bustling car parks to busy construction zones. 

Concerned about damaged bollards? Our bollards are crafted for resilience, guaranteeing long-lasting protection for your property. They're also designed with high visibility in mind, so they act as a clear deterrent. Plus, with an extensive range of styles and sizes available, finding the ideal solution for your specific needs is a breeze. Browse our comprehensive online catalogue at your leisure, or reach out to our friendly team for expert advice.

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Traffic safety products designed to Australian specifications and are built to withstand the harsh Aussie weather and roads.

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Plastic Compliant Speed Hump 70mm
Plastic Compliant Speed Hump 60mm
Plastic Compliant Speed Hump 50mm
Metal Traffic Spikes
1830 Speed Hump
Rubber Speed Hump 50mm High
Metal Speed Hump 50mm
Aggressive Speed Hump 50mm
Heavy Duty Plastic Speed Hump 50mm High
Aggressive Speed Hump 75mm